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About The Firm

Harry A. Suissa, is the founder of the Law Offices Of Harry A. Suissa, P.C. With more than 45 years of trial and litigation experience, he has represented clients across a wide range of areas of the law. He is well-respected in the community as a legal adviser and as a trial attorney.

As just one example, petitions for domestic violence have “crowded” the court dockets. These petitions are often used as a mechanism to give one party an advantage in a custody dispute. Our firm can assist you in these matters.

More Than Four Decades Of Legal Experience

With this scope of experience, there are few issues that our firm has not dealt with or advised. Our experience means we can provide cost-effective legal representation, minimizing delays and providing meaningful, insightful advice for our clients.

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A Lifelong Passion For Justice

Our attorney has had a fascination with the law from the time he watched Perry Mason on television as a youngster, to taking a business law class in high school. The law engaged him and it became his lifelong passion. That passion shines through his enthusiasm for justice for his clients.

Helping You Make Sense Of The Law

The law can be confusing and complex. Having an experienced guide like our attorney can reduce the stress and help you make informed decisions. Harry A. Suissa has a wealth of knowledge about the law and how it works in practice, which is unmatched.

We can help you whether you need to deal with the emotional issues in a divorce or child custody dispute, as well as provide sophisticated legal advice concerning complex business transactions.

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With more than 45 years of experience on a broad range of legal issues, our lawyer can assist you in resolving your legal difficulties today. Call our Silver Spring office at 301-960-5458 or use our online contact form.