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A Maryland Divorce Attorney Serving The Silver Springs’ Hispanic Community

Last updated on June 17, 2024

Attorney Harry Suissa knows how challenging the divorce process can be for members of the Hispanic community in Silver Springs. He and his legal team at Law Offices Of Harry A. Suissa, P.C., protect those at risk of unfairness due to language or cultural barriers.

He accomplishes this by helping each client understand the nuances of divorce in Maryland. With Mr. Suissa’s 45-plus years of experience and bilingual services, you can feel confident about your legal protections.

Methods Of Divorce Available in Maryland

There is more than one path to divorce in the Old Line State. Residents have these options:

  • No-fault: Divorce without assigning blame due to separation or mutual consent
  • Fault-based: Requires proof of wrongdoing by one spouse
  • Contested: Spouses disagree on divorce terms, requiring court resolution
  • Uncontested: Spouses agree on all terms, allowing for a smoother process

Maryland imposes a residency requirement, but the time depends on your situation. If the grounds for your divorce happened while within the state, residency at the time of filing is sufficient. Otherwise, one spouse must have maintained residency for at least six months before filing.

Unique Reasons For Divorce In Maryland

For the Hispanic community, cultural intricacies like religious differences and acculturation challenges can lead to divorce. These factors can strain any marriage, but Harry Suissa is sensitive to such issues and can offer tailored guidance in your native language.

Work With A Spanish-Speaking Divorce Lawyer In Silver Springs

A Hispanic divorce attorney can provide support that transcends language barriers. A top priority for Harry Suissa is making certain clients who struggle with English understand each stage of divorce and agree with the proposed terms.

Why work with attorney Harry Suissa? He offers a personalized approach, fierce loyalty and the insight that comes with 45 years of experience. He values your heritage and will fight for your future.

Call Today To Get Started

Call 301-960-5458 to schedule your consultation with Mr. Suissa, a Hispanic divorce lawyer in Silver Springs who wants to help. He is also licensed to practice family law in Washington, D.C. Se habla español.