Solving Legal Problems For More Than 45 Years In Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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When Experience Really Matters

Harry A. Suissa has more than 45 years of legal experience. He and his staff work to help people just like you solve problems arriving from domestic strife, business-related issues, as well as other areas of law.

Personal Attention To Personal And Business Problems For More Than 45 Years In Maryland & Washington, D.C.

The Law Offices Of Harry A. Suissa, P.C., provides professional skills and the personal sensitivity required to resolve important legal issues that may be very emotional for clients.

The Counsel You Need For Serious Legal Matters

Legal issues can become serious for many reasons. You may feel overwhelmed and not know what to do. Legal problems are often complex, whether they involve divorce, a breach of a contract, a criminal charge or any type of civil litigation. They also have other ramifications, which you may not foresee.

Our attorney and his staff have decades of experience with many legal problems. They can help you by explaining what you can do to resolve the matter and what you should do to minimize those potential problems that may arise.

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More Than 45 Years’ Experience In Maryland & Washington, D.C.

​When dealing with legal issues, you are often at a disadvantage. You don’t understand the legal system. You may not understand the terminology. And you don’t know what your options are or how to choose between them.

Our attorney and his staff have worked with thousands of clients on a great many issues during the last four decades. We can help you make informed decisions in a wide range of legal areas.

Broad Experience With Legal Matters

We have represented and counseled thousands of clients with serious legal matters involving:

  • Family law
  • Civil litigation
  • Business law
  • Criminal defense
  • Traffic violations
  • Wills and probate matters
  • Personal injury law

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With more than 45 years of experience, our lawyer and staff can assist you in Maryland and the Washington, D.C., area in resolving your legal matters today. Call our office at 301-960-5458 or use our online contact form.